The 2nd NMFT conference was held in Melbourne, Australia on 7–8 November 2019. This conference was attended by Ministers, representatives of international bodies, private sector and not-for-profit organisations and deliberated on the evolving threats, identified the key terrorism financing risks, trends and methods; and exchanged notes on the best practices across countries and organizations. The conference recognised that strategies to counter the evolving terrorist threat need to be holistic and based on mutual cooperation between governments, the private sector and civil society. The requirement of mutual support through exchange of information and intelligence, and capability building were also highlighted. Emerging technologies and terrorism financing risks has given rise to a need for engagement between governments and the private sector to build a shared responsibility to safeguard against abuse by terrorists. This conference stressed on public-private partnerships to fight terrorism financing by highlighting the opportunities to share and harness existing information and resources to develop strategies for combating terrorism financing and other financial crimes. It also discussed strategies for strengthening not-for-profit sectors against abuse by terrorists, by conducting risk assessments, awareness and outreach. The 2nd Ministerial Conference, carried forward the task of inaugural Conference and its Paris Agenda.